General Questions

1. What is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system with a purpose to encourage people to meet a large number of new people and find their love. The first speed dating event took place at United States in late 1998. Soon afterward, many commercial speed dating services began offering secular round-robin dating events all over the world, including Hong Kong.

2. Why choose FEVER?

We found on 1st January, 2011, and registered by the Hong Kong Government as a dating and matchmaking company. Since then, our team has grown and accumulated years of experience. Cooperating with big brands/organizations like Ocean Park, the Airport Authority, the Tourism Board, PMQ, Expedia and Discovery Bay, we have shown our dedication into reaching above and beyond in bringing our members the best experiences possible. In addition, we have been featured on over 60 local and overseas media channels, which reveals our widespread credibility. For more details on us, head to the About Us page.

3. Is my personal information safe?

We take personal privacy very seriously. We will not sell or disclose any of personal information to any person or organizations without members' consent. Please read our Privacy Statements for more details.

4. What is the "Speed Dating FEVER" App used for?

After most events, other dating companies will review the participants' matching results and help mutual pairs exchange contact information. This process was done by hand, which took several days to complete and still led to some errors. In view of this, we developed our "Speed Dating FEVER" App which allows for such process to be much more convenient, effective and accurate. It helps to avoid manual errors and allows participants to receive their results immediately following the event. Thus our app is used at many events and available to free download from App Store or Google Play now.

5. How can I contact you?

If you have any comment or suggestions, please let us know. We will listen and ensure that further actions are taken to improve our services. Please contact us by the following methods or leave us your opinions in the Contact Us page.
Email: info@sdfever.com.hk
Enquiry: 2961-4632 (Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 18:00)
Hotline: 9806-6321 (If we cannot answer your call, please leave a voice message or WhatsApp message. We will get back to you ASAP)

About Membership & Payment

1. How to sign up?

Registration is required for all events. To start, participants can browse our schedule and choose any event on the FEVER Events page. Then, sign up for your FREE membership and settle the payment. Registration is first-come-first-served and can only be confirmed upon payment. To secure your place in an event, payment must be settled within 24 hours after sign up. Late payment is not accepted and will result in your booking being cancelled. For FEVER Match 1+1 & FEVER Services, please make your appointment in the related page. We will contact you within 3 working days. We won't charge you before any confirmation.

2. How to pay?

We accept many payment methods, including Bank/ATM transfer, PayMe, FPS, Credit Cards or PayPal online payment. But we don't accept Cash at the door. Details are listed below.

Account number: 078-263845-838
Account name: Speed Dating Fever Limited
Click here to go to HSBC website
2. Bank of China (HKD)
Account number: 012-887-1-060713-2
Account name: Speed Dating Fever Limited
Click here to go to Bank of China website
3. PayMe or FPS
Mobile number: 9806-6321
Account name: Speed Dating Fever Limited

4. Credit Cards or PayPal online payment
Members can use Credit Cards or PayPal to settle the payment directly, the process is quick & safe.
(But credit cards issued in Macau are NOT accepted)

3. How do I confirm my payment?

No matter which payment method you chose, please send the bank-in slip or any payment proof for confirmation by email or WhatsApp as soon as possible. After confirmation, the event place and details will be sent to you at least 1 day before the event by email or WhatsApp. Besides, please keep a copy of the bank-in slip or any payment proof, in case we need it for verification.

Email: payment@sdfever.com.hk
WhatsApp: 9806-6321

4. Can I cancel of enrollment and get refund?

For the following 4 scenario, members can choose another event within 1 month. Or you can request a refund, but $100 handling fee will be charged.

i) Members who would like to cancel their booking for any reasons should inform us at least 7 days prior of the event;
ii) Settle/confirm the payment 24 hours after sign up, but the event is full by that time;
iii) Black Rainstorm signal or Typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted;
iv) Other special circumstances such as protest, riot, pandemic disease or government's ad-hoc policy.

If members inform us within 7 days prior of the event, or even absent without any notice, we will not accept refund or change of event for any reasons including illness.

If an event is cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants or any mistakes made by us, all members would be informed at least 1 day prior to the event. We will try to re-arrange it within one month. Members can also request a full refund, normally it will be done within 2 weeks.

5. Can I sign up and pay cash at the door?

To ensure a balance in gender of the participants and the quality of service, prior reservation and payment is required for FEVER events. Unless otherwise specified, signing up and paying cash at the door is not acceptable.

6. What if the event quota is full?

If the number of participants is full, please sign up in the waiting list. Participants will be notified as soon as there is any vacancy, which could be as late as a few hours prior the event start time. Therefore, upon confirmation, please complete the application process by settling the payment at your earliest convenience. Otherwise your place will be released to others. However, if there is no vacancy available before the event, we do not give you any further notice.

About FEVER Events

1. How effective are events?

Most of our members are looking for serious relationship and lifelong partners. To increase the chances of participants meeting their potential love, each event requests different requirements from participants, which may include education background, age, profession, interests, etc. Speed Dating has been proven as an effective way to meet the opposite sex, and there have been numerous cases of successful matching. In fact, participants rarely leave empty-handed. Around 90% of participants walk away from the events having gained new friends.

2. What is the distribution of male and female participants?

The number of participants in an event depends on the type of activity, ranging from a romantic table for six to parties with over a hundred attendees. The "total quota" displayed for each event is just an estimated number, considering various factors and reasons such as absences, late arrivals, early departures, additional spots, or considering the gender ratio. As a result, the actual number of registered participants and the number of attendees may deviate. Our company will make every effort to maintain a reasonable number of participants and a balanced gender ratio, so participants can rest assured. Please go to the Event Categories page for more details.

3. Will there be any "spy" in the events?

We know that there are speed dating companies that sometimes hire "spy" to attend their events. However, we do not believe in this action, as we believe participants should feel comfortable talking to everyone at the event. We have no need for and have never hired "spy" to attend our events. Having been founded in 2011, we have gathered a large member pool with a daily increase. Every participant attending our events registers for our events on their own accord.

4. Will the company be taking photos or videos at the events?

We consider privacy of the utmost importance so during most events, we strictly forbid any photo or video taking, even by participants. However, we do have special events during which we allow certain people to do so. In these cases, there will be very clear, specific details written under the event for all people to see. In addition, any photos and videos uploaded on our website is the property of the company and have prior consent. If you have any further quesitons regarding privacy, please Contact Us immediately.

5. What about the event date, time and location?

Speed dating events are usually held on weeknights or weekends. Please go to FEVER Events page for more information. Events usually take place in Central, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui, at reserved and private venues to ensure privacy.

6. Are there any specific requirements?

We provide high quality dating services to those seeking a serious relationship. Therefore, we only welcome singles who are 18 years old or above. Those people who currently in a relationship or got married are not welcome to participate in our services or events, except those specify. And some events have specific requirements such as academic background, age and height. And some events, we even do pre-screening or interview to ensure the quality of participants. Please do not sign up if you do not fulfil those requirements.

7. How does it work?

Events are held in variety of ways and we truly believe that there will be an event that suits every member. Please go to the Event Categories page for more details.

8. What should I do before an event to prepare myself?

When attending speed dating events, make sure your attire is tidy, simple and natural. Overdressing is not necessary. Light, natural make-up will suit ladies just fine, while men should be groomed and clean. It would be helpful if participants can arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the start of the event. Please go to the Dating Advices page for more tips.

9. Is there anything to be aware of at the events?

First impressions are crucial. Always show confidence and maintain good manners. Ask your partner for basic information, such as work, hobbies, etc. Bear in mind not to ask questions that are too private or sensitive. Please go to Dating Advices for more tips.

10. How to exchange contact information?

Different events has different format and rules, you may feel free to exchange numbers with others in some events but some you may not. Please go to the Event Categories page for more details.

11. Will events be cancelled under bad weather condition?

For safety reasons, events will be postponed when the "Black Rainstorm Signal" or "Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above" is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory within 2 hours prior to the event. However, events will be held as normal under other lower Signals. We will contact participants individually regarding event re-arrangements, but refund is not accepted in this situation.